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    Gear List  

    Some of my equipment...

    Mics -

    AKG C 414 BXL II Stereo Set


    AKG C 414 B-XLs II Stereo Set

    Studio Projects C4 Matched Stereo Pair


    Rode - NT 4

    Studio Projects - C1

    Neumann Tube U77 (доста рядък модел, при предварителна заявка)

    Neumann U87 (заявка)

    Senheiser e865

    Shure 57...



    Tab Funkenwerk

    Lexicon, Dbx, Yamaha, Roland...

    PRO VLA II Tube Compressor

    Tube Compressor


    KRK Vxt 8 pair

    M-audio pair (just for reference)

    Behringer pair (just for reference)


    Cubase 7

    Halion 5 !

    Halion Symphonic Orchestra



    Halion Sonic

    Pad Shop 

    Samplitude 11 master

    Ableton Live + Akai APC 40 Ableton Controller



    UAD Card with master bundle

    Many plugs for mix and master....


    Akg K-271

    Akg K-141

    Akg K-55...,66, 90....

    Grado headphones



    Instruments and controllers:

    Washburn X 50PROFE Guitar

    Hohner - BBass5 Bass Guitar

    KD - Custom Fretles Bass

    Hartke A 100 - bass combo 

    Cme - UF 80

    and....many, many more....

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